The Bureau

When we started this collection, the fight to stop Enbridge from completing their Line 3 construction was still an ongoing battle. Since then, Enbridge announced a substantial completion of their Line 3 expansion and tar sands have been flowing through the pipeline. However, resistance to Enbridge and Line 3 is not over. Water protectors and Indigenous environmental activists continue to carefully watch for environmental harm and have already reported negative impacts on water sources and wild rice beds. Additionally, front line activists who were arrested resisting the pipeline’s construction are still facing a lengthy and expensive legal battle as counties have been emboldened to hit them with trumped up charges in support of Enbridge, a company that already spent $4.8 Million to pay local police to act as their private security detail.

A portion of the proceeds from this collection will be donated to Protest Law to help pay for the legal costs of protestors who were arrested opposing Line 3 construction but we encourage our supporters to make their own donations as well.


Link: Additional resource for action.